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When your senses lead you…
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In foreign languages

People from abroad are more than welcome!

For the foreign language guidance pre-registration is required, because the foreign language tours are not available every day! Please do not disturb the tour by translating to your friends, always enquire about a tour in a foreign language.

Cost of foreign language guidance:

For the exhibition and team-building: 500HUF/person, applies to everyone in the group. Reservation for groups starts from 2 person. In case of a single person wishing to visit, the applicable fee is 2000HUF/person.

For the dinner and wine tasting: 5000HUF/group, divided between participants of certain group. One group consists of maximum 10 persons.

Please, choose a language that you are comfortable speaking and understanding, as proper communication is absolutely necessary in the dark!

For weekdays and weekends you can book for English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Russian and Romanian

tours if guides are available.

Please contact us via e-mail ( or phone (+36 20 771 42 36) at least one day before your arrival.

The normal tours run in Hungarian, please do not disturb the tour by translating.