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Invisible Exhibition Budapest

When your senses lead you…

Schools, groups

In the last few years blind children started to go to school with the seeing kids, which is a big opportunity for them. Unfortunately they often feel left out, because the students and teachers still don’t know how to behave around them. They don’t know if they could use the word “see” in front of them or how they can help. Here, at the Invisible Exhibition, we would like to show to the children that blind persons are ordinary people, and teach them an effective way to help. During the one hour at the exhibition students have a chance to speak with blind people, they can learn how to communicate with them and experience their world.

We are offering a free trial-tour for teachers. If you want to come, please let us know via email at least the day before the tour. Please write the name of the school in the email, and pre-book. In this trial-tour you can see for yourself, how instructive the exhibition is for your students. At any given time maximum 4 teachers can come from the same school.

The exhibition offers different discounts for students! We accept student ID-s and give discounts for groups over 20 people. Read more here!


Please, choose a language that you are comfortable speaking and understanding, as proper communication is absolutely necessary in the dark!

We advise you to all arrive at the same time, because while you are waiting, in the visible part you can write down your names with the Braille typewriter and try different devices and games designed for the blind people.

You can help us by arranging the groups of 8-10 students who want to go together beforehand.

We would like to ask the teachers to let us know during registration, if a disabled, hearing impaired or mentally disabled child is coming with the group.

You should start the preparation in the classroom. Collect some questions beforehand! It is interesting to think about, how blind people dream, what colours mean for them or how they know whether they are on the right bus or not. You can get answers for many other questions too at the Invisible Exhibition.

The duration of the program is based on the number of students coming. Groups of 8-10 people go in every 15 minutes and it takes an hour to get out. You can calculate the end of the programme by adding 1 hour to the last booked appointment. You should add 15-20 extra minutes because based on our experience it takes that long to put your bags, mobile phones etc. into the lockers.

We cannot hold places for uncertain arrivals! Under 20 people we cannot offer the group discount!

If 30 % of the registered number does not appear, and the group is less than 20 people, you cannot use the group discount! In this case students and teachers have to purchase full price tickets! If you know in advance that you will not be able to show up at the registered time, please cancel the booking via phone or e-mail.


We kindly inform our visitors that we accept cancellation until 8PM on the last day before your scheduled tour starts. In case of no-show or cancellation on  the day of arrival, the total amount of the booked program has to be paid.

Thank you for your understanding!