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Invisible Exhibition Budapest

When your senses lead you…

Team building

The Invisible Exhibition is offering team building trainings for companies. Thanks to it’s special nature it is adventurous and a great experience for everyone. The visible and invisible part are both suitable for team building exercises. Getting to know and accepting each other is easier and more efficient, when the members of the group can get rid of old work habits and behavioral patterns and try new ones instead.

This process escalates quickly, after ‘losing’ an important sense together: the eyesight, because they are faced with situations they have never faced before. Being in pitch dark can relieve the stress caused by performance anxiety.

Based on our experience colleagues who have been working together for many years can build more honest relationships by visiting the exhibition. During the one hour tour they have to support each other and face the unknown situations with a new perspective. With the exercises their relationships change both with their colleagues and their clients. Meeting with the blind guides, learning about their everyday life and mentality gives the workers the ability to be more patient and a lifelong experience. With preliminary discussions we can organize trainings that fit into the profile of the company, the team can even practise their job here.

In the exhibition there is the opportunity to arrange discussions, meetings or programs for the partners of the company. The ‘Invisible Dinner’ can be a new form of the everyday company dinners. Thanks to the unfamiliar experience your clients might come up with new, bright ideas. First the guests take the tour at the exhibition, then in the last room they can eat their pre-ordered food also in the dark. The dishes are served by blind waiters. The dinners are usually held on Fridays, but we can organize them on other days at request.

Groups for the team building start every 20 minutes with 6-8 persons and a blind guide.

Minimum number of people: 12

Duration of the programme for one group: 90 minutes

Price: 7290 HUF/person (This includes one glass of champagne and the certificate of attendance.)

Foreign language guidance: 500 HUF/person