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Invisible Exhibition Budapest

When your senses lead you…
Invisible Exhibition Budapest > Invisible wine tasting

Invisible wine tasting

Here is the chance to try wines in a unique way!

After visiting the exhibition in the pitch dark your only thing to do is to concentrate on the taste of quality wines. The Invisible Wine Tasting gives you a special experience where you can follow your senses. Doesn’t matter if you are a wine expert or a simple wine lover you will feel the same: in the darkness the savors of the different types are more intensive! During the Invisible Wine Tasting you will be served by blind or partially sighted people. We are awaiting you with grapes, walnuts, a wide variety of cheeses and sausage specialities, completing the culinary experience of the Invisible Wine Tasting.

Release your imagination with a glass of wine and you will feel how much the smells and flavors expand without your sight!

The Invisible Wine Tasting costs 5200 HUF/person.

Please note that the translation is 500HUF/person for the wine tasting.

The price covers one glass from all of the followings: white, rosé, and red wine plus one quality champagne.

Please note that the price of the event doesn’t include the live music and the other drinks over the provided wines.

Minimum number of people for the programme: 16

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are planning to visit us with your friends or with your colleagues!

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