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Invisible Exhibition Budapest

When your senses lead you…


A combination of scents and tastes. How does a scent become a taste? Or a spice a perfume? Or perfume a spice? We are hoping to solve this problem on our scent-dinners. Trying a perfume and then tasting a spice. Exciting game, right?! Let us make this even more amazing in complete darkness! When we lose the ability to use one of our sensory organs our other senses become stronger… we smell scents more vividly, the tastes more intensive. We hide a specific „spice” in our dinner courses, which – hiding modestly in our dishes – makes our lives more interesting. Our dinners are based on scents which enchant us, unwind us, lead us to places which we could only visit in thought. They make wonders, awaken our imagination and desires, cinemas of old times come to life in front of our eyes. Tastes, scents – without which life is possible… but not worth it!

illatvacsora2Scent-dinner dates in 2014:

Október 30. – cardamom

November 7. – rosemary

December 11. – anise

Scent-dinners based on lemon and lavender will be available in 2015.




Starter – Tartlet with smoked salmon and lemony mayonnaise

Entree – Lemony risotto with medallions á la sous vide

Dessert – Poppy seed cake with a lemony mascarpone cream mousse



Starter – „Hamburger” with tomatos (1 part goat’s cheese, 1 part avocado, 1 part tomato with basil)

Entree – Gnocchi with basil (Optional: fish/blue cheese)

Dessert – Sorbet with basil



Starter – Focaccia with rosemary and olive

Entree – Duck breast with rosemary and mashed peas

Dessert – Pannacotta and strawberry jelly with rosemary



Starter – Goat’s cheese with dates and lavender

Entree – Chicken breast with lavender and mashed potatos with mustard seeds

Dessert – Ricotta cake and blueberry sauce with lavender



Starter – Spinach & feta cheese strudel and soy sauce with cardamom

Entree – Hummus with cardamom and steamed seasonal vegetables with a pita

Dessert – Clafouties with cardamom and plums



Starter – Vegetable spring roll and peanut cream with anise

Entree – Red lentil chapatti with bread and grilled goat’s cheese

Dessert – Créme Brulée with anise


All our courses are available with vegetarian dishes.



Entry tickets are available online or at the spot, at least 48 hours before the event!

Ticket prices: 8900HUF

Start: 19:00

End of programme: 21:00

Please arrive at the spot 15 minutes pro your event.

This programme does not include visiting the Invisible Exhibition and drink consumption!

Tickets purchased online or on the spot are only valid for the time of chosen event, the time can not be modified or cancelled, and the purchase is not withdrawable!